Wake Forest Forms

In order to better serve you, we have made all of our required forms available for download. Not only will filling these forms out in advance save you time, but it will also help you gain a better understanding of our policies and procedures. For our canine guests, we require all of the forms below. For cats, we only require a guest profile. Please note that we require one set of forms for each individual pet. We ask that you bring all completed forms on your pet's first day. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at anytime.

Price Sheet

For your convenience, we have provided a full list of available services and associated prices. Please note that all pricing is subject to change.  

Guest Profile

Our guest profile contains important questions that will help our staff provide the best care possible for your pet. In addition, all of our hours, policies and requirements are outlined.

Playgroup Options

We understand that every dog is different, so please select the play level that you feel will best suit your pet. We will use this as a guideline and inform you if we feel their level should be adjusted.

Medical Release

If your pet develops a medical issue, we can either contact Paws at Play Veterinary Hospital or your current veterinarian. For all emergencies, we will contact the closest available veterinarian.

Photo Approval

We love taking photos of our campers to share on Facebook as well as our website. If you would like us to share you pet's photos, please sign our release. Otherwise, you are welcome to decline.