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Policies and Procedures For Doggie Daycare and Dog Boarding
Please read policies closely and call our office with any questions. NOT adhering to the times and food policies will delay your check in and you may be charged an additional fee

Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
Sunday 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. ** Boarding Drop-off and Pickups only ** 
**Monday through Saturday Check Out is 11:00 AM. If your dog is not checked out by 11 AM you will be charged the daily care rate of $24 per day. There is no daily care rate charged on Sunday.** Daily Care Rate can be avoided by receiving a paid bath or groom on the day of departure**
It is highly recommended that you bring your pets own food. All food must be sealed in zip lock bags as required by the Department of Agriculture. Please package the correct feeding amount for the boarding stay. Bags must be zip lock, do not send tied bags, sandwich bags, grocery bags or paper bags with rubber bands.
Do not package medications in the bags mixed with food. 

Medications must be labeled in separate baggies or the original PLASTIC bottle. 

Medications not packaged appropriately will incur a minimum charge of $10.00 additional for separating, packaging and labeling. There is a $1.50 charge each time medication is administered. 

Anything in addition to the normal diet and treats are considered medication and will be charged for administration.
We supply bedding, blankets, and towels and bowls (raised and regular). If you choose to bring an article of clothing or insist on leaving bedding we will not be responsible for any damage done by your guest or if it is washed and bleached. Please limit toys to 1 or 2. We have daycare toys and we do not allow guests to take personal toys into the play areas.
Payment structure
At the time of check out you will pay the balance due for the nights you reserved and all services rendered. Once you are checked in there are no refunds for early pick-ups. It is our policy to keep a current credit card on file and it is your responsibility to let us know when your credit card has expired. If you do not arrive on the expected check-out date, you may be subject to a $24 surcharge in addition to the nightly rate, this is called a Hold Over Charge, and is in place because of limited space.. 

*If the hold over does not cause us to be overbooked you will not be charged the extra $24.
Cancellation Policy:
Non-Holiday Reservations
You have 72 hours prior to the arrival date to cancel to avoid a penalty. 
If you cancel in less than 72 hours you will be charged one night stay.

*** Your credit card on file will automatically be charged the cancellation fee.
*** We do not accept cancellations left on voicemail
*** If you cancel at any time there is no refund.
*** We do not accept cancellations left on voicemail***
Required forms
Current guest profile
Current Vaccination record - One of our staff members will be happy to call your pets Veterinarian to have records faxed to our office.
Registration fee paid - $25.00 this is a one time non-refundable fee, $10 for each additional dog.
We require all forms two days prior to any reservation to process all forms. * We recommend submitting forms at least 7 days in advance*
The following vaccination and pharmaceutical requirements must be met in order to stay at the facility. One of our staff members will be happy to call your pets Veterinarian to have records faxed to our office
** We will not accept Internet purchased receipts for any drugs **
1.)Rabies - one or three year. State law.
2.)DHLPP or equivalent - once per year
Titers In lieu of DHPP only- Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations are required
3.)Bordetella due within six months of a reservation
4.)Yearly dewormer (Drontal or Panacur) if not on Interceptor or Sentinel a negative fecal is not accepted, as they can be incorrect if eggs are not shed at the time of the float.
5.)Negative Fecal within 6 months of reservation. This is required because general dewormers do not treat coccidian or giardia, both of which are contagious animals as well as humans.
6.)Veterinary approved flea and tick control Monthly. Frontline, Top Spot. Must be purchased from your Veterinarian for verification.
Other requirements
7.)Spayed or Neutered - If over 6 months
9.)Basic Obedience - not required, but suggested.
10,)Paw Booties not required but recommended.
11.)Properly packed luggage Food packed in Zip Lock Bags