In addition to group play, we offer a variety of individual activities for your pet to enjoy. If you feel as though your pet would enjoy a little extra one on one time with our staff, then you may sign them up for as many activities as you'd like!

Nature Hike

​​If your pet enjoys going on walks, then this is the activity for them! On their hike, your pet will explore the trails around our facility where they can roll in the grass, sniff all the flowers and even do a little bird watching.

30 min session: $7.00

Cuddle Time

​​This is perfect for any pet that enjoys snuggling, but is also great for those with separation anxiety. A kennel attendant will sit in your pet's run and give them all the belly rubs and butt scratching they could ever want!

15 min session: $5.00

Movie Night

​​This is a great activity for pet's that enjoy watching T.V. at home. We will choose from a variety of animal themed movies and snuggle in with your pet for a movie date. Don't worry, we wont   forget to bring the snacks!  

30 min session: $7.00

Fetch & Run

​​In one of our spacious play yards, a kennel attendant and your pet will play a fun game of frisbee, catch or even hide and seek! This is a great way for your pet to burn lots of energy so that they come home nice and sleepy.

15 min session: $5.00

Treat Special

An extra special treat for an extra special special pup! You can choose between a kong stuffed with peanut butter or a milkbone peanut butter sandwich. Your pet will be sure to appreciate this tasty snack!

1 treat: $3.00